Photo challenge: Prison-striped

WordPress (w) Photo Challenge  | This week, share an image that has two clear halves, literally or figuratively. Bring into balance two opposing visual elements…

Once again a picture from my favorite walk. Wooden bars of the pergola create a prison-striped pattern: half sunlight, half shadow.


  • Other interpretations of ”half & half” you will find here.

Om Mrs Olsson

Former factory worker, journalist, and personal trainer. Now working as an occupational therapist.
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6 kommentarer till Photo challenge: Prison-striped

  1. happyface313 skriver:

    🙂 this is a very interesting entry and I wouldn’t mind sitting on that bench, looking out on the water.
    HAPPY Sunday evening! 🙂


  2. mithriluna skriver:

    Beautiful and eye-catching.


  3. Christina Olsson skriver:

    Thank you so much for visiting!


  4. Christina Olsson skriver:

    Thank you very much! On a sunny day it’s a lovely place. 🐻


  5. starksockerfri skriver:

    Ser ut som strandpromenaden i uddevalla 🙂 väldigt fin bild!

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  6. Fru Olsson skriver:

    Mitt i prick! Tack för titten! 🐻


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