Photo Challenge: Two jerks in a blur…

WordPress Photo Challenge: This week, find beauty in a blur.

Adder (Huggorm, in Swedish). Photo: Britt-Marie Ingdén-Ringselle

Backpacker with sandwiches and coffe. We heard ravens and saw an adder (viper) along the way.

After walking up the hill we had a picnic in the sun among the pine trees. A wonderful day out in the province of Närke, Sweden.

Camera with self-timer. He pressed the button and ran… This is what we got >:D!Kottar och vi

I’m really not a photographer, but sometimes I participate in the WordPress weekly photo challenge just for fun. I enjoy watching the other participants entries, and get a glimpse of the world outside my small city on the westcoast of Sweden. Happy to have you visiting!

Om Mrs Olsson

Former factory worker, journalist, and personal trainer. Now working as an occupational therapist.
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10 kommentarer till Photo Challenge: Two jerks in a blur…

  1. Lena i Wales skriver:

    Fina foton!
    Viktigt det du skriver om Allemansrätten! Unikt för Sverige. Vi har inget liknande i UK.

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  2. Mr. Atheist skriver:

    Great shot! Very humorous. Thank you!

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  4. Jane Lurie skriver:

    Love your title.

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