Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

Karluv most - Charles bridge - PragueWeekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour *

Prague, Charles bridge  Maybe not so golden but at least a very early hour! Getting up early in the morning was the only way to take pictures of Charles bridge (Karlův most) without a lot of tourists…

Karluv most - Charles bridge - PragueKarluv most - Charles bridge - PragueAfter having taken these pictures we went to the Prague castle (Chram svateho Vita) up on the hill to visit a very small catholic mass at 7.00.

Afterwards we wandered about in the empty church, to enjoy it all by ourselves. We ended up being locked in…

* In photography, the “golden hour” is the first and last hour of sunlight of the day.

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13 kommentarer till Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

  1. Hedwigia skriver:

    Great photos! I’ve been there, but it was full of tourists – not the same at all! I don’t think I’d like getting locked in a church in mist like that -spooky!


  2. Dini skriver:

    wow… very beautiful pictures


  3. greenmackenzie skriver:

    What beautiful photos, filled with an atmosphere of magic and the unseen…well worth getting up early for….it’s like a bridge into mystery 🙂


  4. mithriluna skriver:

    Really cool! Beautiful images.


  5. The Rider skriver:

    Beautiful and mysterious!


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  7. Very mysterious photos. I love them 🙂


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